In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare. The hobbit [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / J.R.R. Tolkien. The Hobbit is a tale of high adventure, undertaken by a company of dwarves in search of. Descargá gratis el libro The Hobbit - Bilbo Baggins is like any other hobbit: no larger than five feet, lives peacefully in the Shire, and his highest.

The Hobbit Epub

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Like every other hobbit, Bilbo Baggins likes nothing better than a quiet evening in his snug hole in the ground, dining on a sumptuous dinner in front of a fire. The Lord of The Rings Series (LOTR #1-#3) - J.R.R. MB. The Lord of Rea Recca · The Hobbit (LOTR Prequel) - J.R.R. MB. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format.

Right now, he was grateful for his self-control he gained as an actor through years of experience. He finally had the courage to tear his eyes of that magnificent sight.

He regretted it as soon as his eyes averted the other way. He looked at the room with beds and smilingly found his luggage place by the side of the bed. He found it cute as the younger actor occupied the bed that was nearer the window. Lee swiftly averted his head towards the entrance and saw Hugo walk in the bedroom and take off his jacket. He was interested in him and he had to stop himself before another fantasy could take over his mind. He felt the urge to put on some clothes and stood as he poured a glass of wine for Hugo and offered it to him.

He looked at the man with a smile he knew it will take the actor by surprise and chuckled for he was right. Somewhere along the way to a chair he was offered a glass of wine which he accepted but was blown by those brown orbs once again that looked at him intently and that devilish smile that took all his self-control not to lean forward and kiss the man with passionate desire and have his way with him.

The Hobbit

He has been holding back since he has met the man for the first time. It felt like he was under a spell or something. The boy will be the death of him. Mentally and physically. He though. Lee turned away and chuckled to himself as he got what he wanted. He went into the bedroom and put on some pants and returned to the room where he found Hugo listening to the music.

He swallowed deep as he watched him sitting peacefully as if the music was written for his sole being. They spoke more in that brief second of eye contact than a man talking for several hours.

He swore If Elrond would be real, Hugo was the perfect reincarnation for the noble and wise elf. The sight was appealing itself and Lee suppressed the urge to bite his lower lip. In fact, it was my first ballet I went to see that led me to love Shakespeare and theatre.

He loved books, learn new things and literature allowed him that. He found himself still looking into those brown soft eyes that just few hours ago were sparkling with unknown power. It was the same this moment.

He wanted to ask the young actor, but he lost his voice and rather took a sip of his offered wine. He felt those burning eyes on him as Lee returned to his char dressed properly and Hugo was relieved. Although his mind started stripping that body of his immediately and he damned himself for feeling so horny. What is happening to him? He was good at that at least. The silence continued as they both listened to the ballet piece and sipping wine while each of them continuously were stealing short glances from corner of their eyes.

He was proud to be able to balance himself on the edge of an uncomfortable chair, nevertheless he blurted the unexpected yet they both wanted to say the question, but Lee was the first to act. He stopped just before their noses would bump together and looked into those eyes again. There it was again. The gaze which put shivers up his spine. Hugo breathed a sharp breath as the distance between them closed in the blink of an eye. The air became hotter and se minutes passed yet it felt like an eternity.

He felt those soft and plump lips respond to his unexpected advance and kissed back with passion. What made him surrender was the gentle pressure the older actor made to coax him into the action and kissed back with more intent. His mind was clouded as their kiss was gentle, yet he was feeling dizzy from the tender nature which it held. He enjoyed the feeling of a hand gently stroking his hair at the back and hummed lovingly almost as if wanting for more.

He was sure now. I want this he thought to himself. As quickly as he could he stood up and lifted a younger man and clashed the lips once again into a more feverish kiss. Lee allowed his mouth to open and let Hugo invade his mouth.

It felt way to good to stop so they both walked towards bedroom as they continue to kiss. The feeling was becoming unbearable and as they reached the bed, he pinned his prey down, kissing those already swollen lips once again and it was sweeter than before. He could feel the man beneath him shiver.

He loved that he had some effect on the youngster. Lee felt strong hands push him down on the bed. He complied, never ending the feverish kisses as they both roamed their hands across each other. All he could do was the same for in return. He felt a swelling member against his thigh, and he moaned sweetly at the felling as the older man added much needed pressure to it and brushed it along his own swollen member.

Lee arched into the man at the painfully sweet tormenting feeling. He moaned as he heard that voice whisper into his ear and sharp teeth nibbling his tender flesh. He searched for those gentle lips again and deepened the kiss as his hands started to undress the man above him. He motioned him to lean back a little to properly get rid of the clothes.

A small gesture of gratitude that sweetened the whole act and slowed their rushed pace. They both smiled silently and as soon as they were both completely naked, they quickly resumed their feverish session of kisses and touches.

The younger man softly moaned at the felling as a wet tongue and gentle teeth lightly nibbled his spot between neck and shoulder and he instinctively pressed his thigs against the man. The older man groaned against his neck as he tasted the delicious skin under his tongue.

He listened to the melodious moans the younger one was releasing from those lips, and it was the only music to his ears that felt worthy of listening as suddenly he felt the urge to catch those lips once again.

But he had other plans and gently rocked his hips again emanating another series of moans from the shivering man beneath him.

He deliriously moaned as one of his nipples was kissed by those gentle lips. He arched into the touch even more and his hands embraced the man above. He wished the sensation never to end. He felt himself harden completely and thrust his hips up for more contact as he felt before. He whimpered as Hugo denied him the touch as he moved away just enough that he gained another whimper from Lee and stopped his ministrations.

He looked into clouded brown orbs once again and he could see them filled with lust and desire. A wide wicked grin appeared on his face and admired at the wrecked image of a younger man beneath him.

Fingers were touching almost as nothing and brushed lightly against one nipple and continued their way down across abdomen and softly traced invisible lines on the surface of sensitive skin on the hips.

He chuckled lightly and gently stroking the sensitive places where he could get a greater reaction from the man under him.

He arched up as certain spot pressed by fingers and hummed gently. He tried to move his hips gently against the older man, but his attempt seemed to be fruitless as a gentle hand held him in place.

He whimpered in defeat and Hugo beamed in small victory. He continued to stroke the lines across his ticklish abdomen and hips. He bit his lower lips as he moaned gently at the touches. He was rewarded with a loud moan and he loved the sound it. He gently leaned over and kissed Lee on his forehead tenderly and let his hands explore again.

This time more roughly and one of the hands now was paying attention to the hardened flesh. Hugo pushed forward and caught those lips that were singing the most beautiful song a moment before and muffled his own growl as his rubbed his hips against overstimulated body. He found out Lee was loving that and continued gently rocking their hips together.

He felt youngers member harden again as he deepened the kiss. Lee hummed in pleasure, still coming back from his climax but he wanted more. He felt as if Hugo knew without knowing what to do to make him crave for his touch and make climax hard.

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He craved for his touch deep inside him. He gently rocked his hips feeling his own arousal being painfully unbearable. Lee instinctively lifted his hips as a finger lightly brushed at his rear and he gasped at the sensation.

His eyes widened and smiled at the prospect of a pleasurable promise that finger was giving him. His puffy lips that were a little bit swollen from their previous make out session curled into a wanton chuckle. He laughed at cheeky move Lee just did and pushed his own hips down hard to pressed himself against the slender body as his fingers circled the puckered entrance.

Hugo loved every moment of it as long as he heard those soft pants heavenly echoing in his ears. He felt a few more twitches before his finger finally breached the first ring of muscles. The man beneath Hugo lifted up himself from the sudden intrusion, loving the quick sting that soon turned into a probing sensation. Tolkien pdf epub txt mobi djvu. Rate It! Comments Login to comment on this Glog.

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The Hobbit

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