62 MAX+ Handheld Infrared Laser Thermometer. Extremely accurate infrared thermometer for measuring temperatures from °C to °C (°F to °F) accurate to +°C or +% of reading (whichever is greater) 62 MAX Mini Infrared Thermometer. Fluke 62 MAX IR Thermometer, Non Contact, to + Degree F Range According to the manufacture's website the Max Plus can be manually adjusted for. LTGEM Case for Fluke 62/Fluke 64/Fluke 59 Max+ Infrared IR Thermometer- Fluke 62 MAX Plus IR Thermometer, Non Contact, to + Degree F Range .

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An arbitrary waveform generator (Fluke, Everett, WA) was used to control the nm data using SlideWrite Plus 6 (Advanced Graphics Software, Inc., Encinitas CA). . Importantly, these results also show that optical pacing at 10% of maximum . which has also been reported by others in whole heart tissue samples[62]. Feb 11, We measured the temperature next to the swabbed hibernating bat using a laser temperature thermometer (Fluke 62 MAX Plus Infrared. 6, [62] with the maximum-likelihood (ML) model as described previously [50]. For the S. stercor- . Liver fluke, hookworm and S. stercoralis are the gastrointestinal helminths detected in our In HVR-IV the same 5 worms plus another 28 infective .. Epub /08/ tingrakecoupde.ml PMID.

By contrast, if hosts are tolerant or evolve tolerance then transmission of the pathogen will be maintained at a much higher intensity, with correspondingly large impacts on intolerant, non-resistant species. White-nose syndrome WNS , a recently emerged disease of hibernating bats, was first detected in North America in [ 15 ] and has caused precipitous declines in temperate bat populations across eastern and midwestern North America [ 16 — 18 ].

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The pathogen that causes WNS, Pseudogymnoascus destructans, is a cold growing fungus that infects bats' skin during their hibernation period [ 19 — 21 ], and can persist in the environment for long periods of time in the absence of bats [ 22 , 23 ].

The resulting infections lead to the disruption of homeostatic processes and ultimately mortality [ 24 , 25 ]. Pseudogymnoascus destructans has been documented widely across Europe and Asia on multiple species of bats [ 26 — 28 ].

European isolates of P.

The widespread declines observed in North America have not been observed in Asia or Europe [ 29 ] and genetic data suggest that P. By understanding how bats persist with P. Here, we present the first comparison of P.

Material and methods a Sample collection and testing We sampled bats and hibernacula caves and mines substrate for P. The North American sites were sampled during the first 3 years of pathogen invasion to each site where populations were experiencing severe declines [ 16 , 18 ]. We selected sites in Asia and North America at similar latitudes to control for climate and winter severity. The average daily above-ground temperature at the sites in Asia during winter when sampling was conducted 1 October—30 April was 0.

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Samples were collected using identical methods and during the same time period March in the two regions to make the comparison as similar as possible. Past studies indicate that prevalence and infection intensities measured as the amount of fungal DNA detected in a sample and WNS lesions on bats throughout North America increased over the winter, and were the highest in late winter [ 19 , 21 ], making March an ideal sampling time to examine and compare infection prevalence and fungal growth.

In both regions, we estimated fungal prevalence and infection intensity based on the quantity of fungus on the surface of the skin by rubbing sterile swabs on bats' wings and muzzles as previously described [ 19 , 32 , 33 ]. Using stage-specific gene expression data, we identified liver fluke proteins likely involved in host-parasite interactions, and using immunolocalization, we confirmed Neorickettsia in organs and tissues of the adult trematode.

Fluke 62 MAX Infrared Thermometers

The presence of the bacteria in fluke reproductive tissues and eggs suggests a possible mechanism for vertical transmission, and the presence of bacteria in the oral sucker used to anchor flukes to the lining of the biliary tract suggests a potential mechanism for horizontal transmission to the mammalian host. This is of interest because related Neorickettsia cause severe, even deadly, illness in a variety of species, including humans.

This is the first report to localize Neorickettsia endobacteria within the tissues of adult F. The discoveries in our manuscript have wide impact for the fields of both the pathophysiology and evolution of Fasciola and related FBTs, and the transmission strategies of Neorickettsia. Introduction Food borne trematodes FBTs are an assemblage of platyhelminth parasites that are transmitted through the food chain [ 1 ].

Among the four major groups of FBT infections recognized as neglected tropical diseases NTDs by the World Health Organization [ 2 ], fascioliasis stands out due to its zoonotic impact on both human and animal health [ 3 ]. Fasciola species are major pathogens of domesticated ruminants, but they infect numerous other species of mammals, including people [ 4 ].

An infrared optical pacing system for screening cardiac electrophysiology in human cardiomyocytes

Like other digenetic trematodes, Fasciola hepatica has a complex developmental cycle [ 1 ]. The hermaphroditic adult stage resides in the host bile ducts and reproduces sexually, releasing thousands of eggs each day that pass with the bile into the intestines and exit in the fecal stream.

Eggs that reach fresh water embryonate over a couple of weeks, hatching a free-swimming miracidium that seeks out and infects a snail of the family Lymnaeidae. Within the snail, the parasite progresses through sporocyst, redia, and daughter redia stages by asexual replication and development, resulting in the release thousands of the cercariae [ 6 ].

The free-living, aquatic cercaria encysts as the metacercarial stage on solid substrates, including vegetation at the margins of the watercourse.

When infected vegetation for example, uncooked watercress are ingested by a suitable host, the metacercaria excysts in the duodenum, transverses the wall of the small intestine, migrates through the peritoneal cavity, and penetrates the Glisson's capsule of the liver [ 7 ].

The migration of the juvenile fluke though the liver parenchyma into the biliary ducts damages the liver and provokes reactions associated with the acute phase of the infection. This phase is accompanied by systemic disease including fever, nausea and abdominal pain.

Once the adult is established in the bile ducts, anemia, inflammation, fibrosis, cholangitis and biliary stasis may ensue.

In this chronic phase adult worms can survive several years in the absence of intervention [ 8 , 9 ].

Despite its potent and broad action against other human parasitic flatworms the anthelmintic drug praziquantel has no effect on F.

Triclabendazole TCBZ is the drug of choice since its effective against juveniles and adult liver flukes, but resistance to this benzimidazole has emerged in livestock in different countries [ 11 ].

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More broadly, determining the mechanisms allowing species persistence in endemic regions can help identify species at greater risk of extinction in introduced regions, and determine the consequences for disease dynamics and host—pathogen coevolution.

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The free-living, aquatic cercaria encysts as the metacercarial stage on solid substrates, including vegetation at the margins of the watercourse.

Fluke 62 MAX Infrared Thermometer, -22 to 932°F (-30 to 500°C)

Using stage-specific gene expression data, we identified liver fluke proteins likely involved in host-parasite interactions, and using immunolocalization, we confirmed Neorickettsia in organs and tissues of the adult trematode.

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In contrast, F.