BioCare BIOLYTE Electrolyte Analyzer. Manufacturer: BioCare. • Model: Biolyte • Country of origin • Warranty • Biolyte is accurate and reliable . General Feature. Designed for those who ask for both economic and accurate electrolyte analyzers. Memory Size up to sets. Chip-controlled reagent system. BIOLYTE ELECTROLYTE ANALYZER PDF - The Biolyte Quick User Manual is written for healthcare professionals who ePub File Size: Mb. ISBN.

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BIOLYTE ELECTROLYTE ANALYZER PDF - The Biolyte Quick User Manual is written for healthcare professionals who operate ePub File Size: Mb. Arterial Blood Gas and Automatic Laboratory Analyzers. Saeid Amirkhanlou1 for determination of electrolytes in the patients. Patients and . photometry; and there was a Biolyte auto- analyzer too . Epub Feb 8. Budak YU. Analysis of the metal content in the tissues of RGM treated rats for one month indicated .. The levels of 3 electrolytes were estimated using a Biolyte counter. . drugs is not understood pro- Appl Toxicol ; [Epub ahead of print]. perly.

No remarkable histopathological changes were noted in the internal organs of rats receiving these drugs in higher doses. Table 2: Effect of chronic administration of Las01 in rats.

Trypan blue was used to stain cells for observing the ratio of viable and dead cells. The results obtained with double staining of control and treated cells are presented in Figure 4. The control cells fluoresced uniformly green and had normal features. Most of the cells treated with Las01 fluoresced red and indicated apoptotic features such as cell shrinkage, chromatin condensation, nuclear fragmentation, and apoptotic body formation. Table 3: Determination of cytotoxicity by MTT assay.

Table 4: Effect of administration of Las01 on biochemical parameters of cancer patients. Figure 4 The results obtained with double staining of control and treated cells are presented in Figure 4.

Discussion Ayurveda is a traditional medical system used by the majority of India's 1. The word Ayurveda literally means science of life. It is time tested and trusted through thousands of years of usage. Ayurveda, from the days of Charaka and Sushruta, was primarily used as medicinal plants for the preparation of therapeutic agents.

It is only in the 8th century AD that Indian alchemist Nagrjuna prescribed the use of metals e. Since these were very effective, quick in action, even in smaller dosage, palatable, and having longer shelf life, the use of minerals and metals became the backbone of Ayurvedic therapeutics [ 12 ]. Cancer is a major cause of death or morbidity in human populations [ 13 ]. The human body is made up of different cells. Cells divide and multiply as per the need of body system.

However, when balance between protooncogenes and tumor suppressor gene is disturbed due to several factors these cells continue to divide needlessly resulting in tumor formation [ 14 ].

There is evidence that potentially toxic macro- or microparticles of heavy metals could be nontoxic if these particles are converted into nanoparticles [ 15 ]. The search for novel antitumor compounds in phytotherapy is a promising strategy for the prevention of cancers [ 16 ].

Cellular proliferation depends on the rates of cell division and death and, thus, many anticancer drugs have been used to prevent cancer cell division in order to inhibit cancer cell proliferation.

In vitro cytotoxicity assays can be used to predict human toxicity and for the general screening of chemicals [ 17 , 18 ]. It has been previously reported that different cytotoxicity assays can give different results depending on the test agent used and the cytotoxicity assay employed [ 19 ]. Our present study demonstrates not only the efficacy of Las01 in in vitro tests on human cervical cancer cell line HeLa and breast cancer cell line adenocarcinoma MCF-7 but also the safety of Las01 on variety of haematological and biochemical parameters both in animal experiments as well as in human beings.

Las01 dosage formulation prepared by Lavanya Ayurvedic Hospital and Cancer Research Centre as per the instructions described in our ancient Ayurvedic literature is also supported by the observations of Dasgupta and Cuenca [ 14 , 15 ]. Our in vitro experiments on apoptosis also demonstrate that the characteristic immortal cancer cells are converted into mortal cells indicating carcinostatic as well as carcinocid activity of Las In view of the efficacy and safety of Las01, a Herbomineral standardized preparation, its extensive clinical trial is warranted in a variety of carcinomatous conditions.

Conclusion One of the most recent novel Herbomineral preparations, Las01, prepared absolutely as per the instruction given in the ancient Ayurvedic literature has been found to be an effective drug on the human cell lines MCF-7 and HeLa cancer cell line. This novel preparation of Las01 is also found to be devoid of toxicity both in animals as well as in human subjects, which is the main drawback of chemotherapeutic agents used in modern medicine. In view of our encouraging results, multicentric clinical trials are warranted on a large scale which seems to be a novel and future promising drug to cure incurable cancer patients.

Acknowledgment Authors are very thankful to Dr. References V. Picozzi, B. Pohlman, V. Morrison et al. Mankad, Clinical study of the role of rasayana as a pre adjuvant and post treatment of chemotherapy in the management of carcinoma [M. Vagbhattacharya, R. Samuchchaya, and D. Vyas, A clinical study on the rasayana as a pre adjuvant as a radio protective and chemotherapy in the management of carcinoma [M.

Sarkar, P. Prajapati, V. Shukla, B.

BIOLYTE2000 Electrolyte Analyzer

Full-scale keyboard for in depth information input. Nature of Business Exporter. Serum, plasma, whole blood, urine or CSF Sample size. Analyzer Equipment in New Delhi. For nearly 40 years the Narang Group has been committed to providing Hospitals, research laboratories, life bkolyte and educational institutes lasting value through the best of equipment and appliances.

BioCare BIOLYTE 2000 Electrolyte Analyzer

Biolyte Get Latest Price. The range covers nearly all specialties and needs. Street address Traversa del Grillo km. Product Description Biolyte is an electrolyte analyzer capable of analyzing sodium and potassium. Hepatocytes showed cells.

Astrocytes appear normal. Stroma shows mild oedema. Kupffer cells and sinusoidal spaces Portion of cerebellum is seen which appears normal. In were normal.

Stroma Kidney showed normal glomeruli. Renal tubes were showed oedema.

Interstitial tissues also appeared mild oedema. No Section of spleen showed lymphoid follides with ger- other specific lesion seen.

Intestine showed normal villi and minal centres. Sinusoidal spaces were dilated and congested. Mucosa, submucosa and muscularis mucosa There was lymphstasis and areas of haemorrhage.

In treated did not show any specific pathological lesion. Histopathology of brain, spleen and thymus after chronic administration of Rasagandhi mezhugu RGM. Levels of lead and section was similar to normal.

The level of mercury was found to be In normal and treated group, section of thymus showed significantly high in all tissues, blood and urine of treated normal structure. There are sheets of lymphocytes and group. The level of copper was also found to be higher in groups of thymic epithelial cells. Normal Hassal bodies are liver and kidney of treated group while in brain, blood and seen.

Absorption of copper, mer- reased body weight of HIV patients in most of the cases. Out cury, lead and arsenic was analyzed in liver, kidney, brain, of 25 patients studied, the body weight was increased in 21 blood and urine by AAS and the average concentration of Toxicity of Sidha Medicine The Open Toxicology Journal, , Volume 4 49 Table 3.

In sick patients. SGPT values in other patients were found to be four patients body weight did not show any change. Analysis unaltered after treatment. Another liver function marker, of haematological, hepatic and renal parameters in the alkaline phosphatase did not show any change.

Renal func- patients is shown in Table 4. After one-year treatment, RBC, tion markers like urea and creatinine did not show significant change except in two patients.


The electrolyte levels were Table 4. The levels of 3 electrolytes were estimated using a Biolyte counter. Insufficient data Total protein 7. These values are average of 25 patients. This concentration is times higher than the therapeutic dose. Similarly during chronic WBC, haematocrit, haemoglobin and platelet count values studies 75 times higher than the therapeutic dose for 60 days did not show any significant change in all the patients did not produce any significant organ or haematologic studied.

Marker enzymes of hepatic function such as serum toxicity in animals. The macroscopic analysis of internal organs of the trea- Average values of serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase ted animals did not show any significant change in colour showed significant increase after the medication treatment, and texture when compared with the normal group.

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Rev Clin Esp ; Rasagenthi lehyam RL liver and kidney of treated rats. The levels of lead and arse- a novel complementary and alternative medicine for prostate cancer.

Cancer Chemother Pharmacol ; A laboratory manual for rural practitioners claim that many of their preparations containing tropical hospitals, Churchill Livingstone, London Spectrophotometric studies, Spectrophoto- However, the accumulation of mercury and copper in the rat metric constants for common haemoglobin derivatives in human, dog and rabbit blood.

J Biol Chem ; Graphical comparisons of rations can produce toxic symptoms in the patients. Interest- interferences in clinical chemistry instrumentations.

New biochemical procedure for testing the meters and these patients did not show any signs of toxicity.Serum bicarbonate electrolyte differential counts data not shown. In sick patients. Vagbhattacharya, R. It has been previously reported that different cytotoxicity assays can give different results depending on the test agent used and the cytotoxicity assay employed [ 19 ].

Cytotoxicity Assay The cytotoxic effect of Las01 was assessed in human cervical cancer HeLa and MCF-7 breast cancer cell lines adenocarcinoma cells by the MTT [3- 4,5-dimethylthiazolyl -2,5-diphenyl tetrazolium bromide] assay [ 11 ].

Normal Rasagandhi mezhugu 0. Magnification 40x. There are sheets of lymphocytes and group. This dose microtome and further staining with haematoxylin and eosin is equal to times greater than human dose.