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But he was a good student, according to friends and family, and took a keen interest in news from an early age.

One of his brothers, Thura Aung, remembers Wa Lone, aged around 10, watching bulletins on a shared TV in their village. In exchange for a place to stay, he would get up at 5 a. Wa Lone showed a talent for design and photography, and soon set up a small photo services shop of his own, which he ran with Thura Aung.

In December , having saved a little money, the brothers moved back to Yangon, where Wa Lone could pursue his boyhood dream. He was so nervous he fled her English class the first time he was called on to answer a question.

In , he joined the English-language daily, Myanmar Times, covering the historic general election that swept Nobel peace prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to power. The couple married in April last year.

Many of his weekends off have been spent visiting poor rural villages - much like the one where he grew up. His reporting on the crisis that erupted in northwestern Rakhine state in October won him a joint honorable mention from the Society of Publishers in Asia in its annual awards.

The elections led to the formation of a semicivilian government in that showed signs of reforming the harsh regime. Tun Tun went back to give speeches about the human rights of queer Burmese.

Arrested Myanmar reporters: Two book lovers dedicated to their craft

Almost twenty-five years after Tun Tun marched in the front lines of prodemocracy protests, fellow Burmese trained and inspired by him boldly make human rights claims and put themselves forward as LGBT activists, representing a collective claimant of human rights, LGBT people of Myanmar. The LGBT movement joins the post political landscape of Myanmar, where marginalized groups demand recognition and human rights advocacy attracts international support when it was once hostilely turned away by the state.

It makes human rights claims in a society where the discourse was violently suppressed for decades, whose predominantly Buddhist population is unfamiliar with rights talk, and where queer people are hardly recognized as a discriminated group with legitimate grievances. It is not as prominent as movements with claims and claimants far more familiar in Burmese politics, such as those concerned with women and ethnic and religious minorities.

They gain audience with leaders from political parties of all stripes, air to them the grievances of queer Burmese, and urge the government of the day to reform the law.

They began their journey with the movement not knowing much about human rights. Eventually they formed their own ideas about what human rights mean to them and what they should and could do about their circumstances. This question inspired me to find out more when I came across a news report about a group of Burmese who were organizing IDAHO celebrations inside Myanmar. When I learned that they adopted a human rights strategy, I went on to ask: How do LGBT activists of the movement make sense of human rights and put them into action, that is, practice human rights?

What are the implications of their human rights practice? The questions are compelling because of the promises and pitfalls of human rights.

Debated tirelessly and proliferated across diverse societies Santos ; McCann ; Osanloo , human rights have, in recent times, been extended explicitly to sexuality and gender identity. The universal panacea that human rights purport to offer to human suffering, a prevalent phenomenon and strong motivation for the activists in this book, makes the discourse attractive yet objectionable. Some scholars find that human rights bring meaningful change, but others regard them as a Western imposition of power that is often ineffective as well—a long list of affirmations and criticisms that I elaborate on later in the book.

Figure 1.

What is geographically Myanmar today fell to British rule after the Anglo-Burmese wars between and To control widespread crime and disorder, which arose at least partly in response to their colonial invasion, British administrators introduced repressive laws that were retained by post-colonial regimes with long-lasting impact on civil-political liberties Callahan ; Cheesman Immediately after independence in , the Union of Burma succumbed to civil war and ethnic strife.

The short period of liberal democracy ended when a caretaker military government took power in and cemented military rule with a coup in Subsequently, the military solidified its dictatorship under a centralized, totalitarian state structure, promulgating the Constitution that declared the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma a one-party socialist state.

Myanmar: Finding Love Through the Shwedagon Pagoda

The semicivilian government implemented partial reforms, such as releasing Aung San Suu Kyi and other political prisoners, and relaxing controls on civil-political liberties. Yet the same government still arrested activists.

Under its watch, Buddhist nationalists championed anti-Islamic causes to campaign successfully for Laws for the Protection of Race and Religion Than , which tightened the sexual regulation of women. Efforts by international agencies and domestic activists struggle against ingrained social norms that perpetuate divisions and discrimination. Human rights were unfamiliar, even scary, to many Burmese.

Being associated with human rights used to trigger state retaliation, and so they were something to avoid. They had to innovate strategies and tactics simply so that they and fellow activists could circumvent political constraints and evade punishment. Even after , they still have to overcome the fear toward human rights and make them appealing instead.

The debates surrounding human rights and the challenges for human rights activism in Myanmar get amplified when we look at the LGBT movement. In Burmese society, queers are morally suspect.

They are commonly shunned by family and friends and experience bullying and harassment, sexual violence, other forms of attacks, and discrimination in education and employment. These prejudices are rooted in norms and beliefs that shape the distribution of power and hierarchy. Myanmar is a society organized by a gendered hierarchy that privileges heterosexual, cisgender men.

Queers generally occupy lower rungs of the hierarchy. According to Burmese Buddhist beliefs, people are reborn as queer due to the bad karma of having committed sexual transgressions in past lives.

Coupled with sociopolitical conditions, they help legitimize queer discrimination and stigmatization and breed resignation. Suffering oppressive conditions, the result of deviating from accepted sexual and gender norms, is to be expected in this lifetime.If we define the word Love then its just the most precious time of life, the feelings that never ends, the beauty that never get dull, relation That is above all relations.

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They are commonly shunned by family and friends and experience bullying and harassment, sexual violence, other forms of attacks, and discrimination in education and employment.

Debated tirelessly and proliferated across diverse societies Santos ; McCann ; Osanloo , human rights have, in recent times, been extended explicitly to sexuality and gender identity. They are city dwellers, small-town folk, villagers, political dissidents, children of military families, daily wage laborers, factory workers, shopkeepers, beauticians, nat kadaw, and students.

One is a heart breaker, the other is a bully victim.

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One event connected to another and changed my entire life. Chit Myat Noe is on Facebook. Blue Book. Here was love, applause, war; moments sub-lime with intervals hilarious.