Introductory Steps to Understanding book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. This work contains stories to help students' reading a. 3 i The aim of this Guide is to provide an introduction to the valuation of ecosystem services. It builds on previous approaches to valuing the environment but. This work contains stories to help students reading and listening comprehension. Hill L.A. Introductory Steps to Understanding. Файлы. Языки и языкознание.

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We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. PDF + mp3 Introductory Steps to Understanding(: 80)). RAR Zip Winrar. understanding). Other books by Dr. L. A. Hill are: Storiesfor Reproduction,First series 4 levels (introductory/elementary/intermediate/advanced) Storiesfor. Vocabulary in Introductory/Elementary/intermediate. Advanced Steps to Understanding is restricted to L.A.. Hill's /1 /2 headword level, and.

Pat was not huppy about the new baby. Mr and Mrs Taylor lived in a largehouse. Answer these questions: Did Pat have any brothers or sistersat the beginning of this story? Why was he not happy to hear that his mother was expectinga baby?

What did his lather say one eveningabout the baby'sarrival? Where was Pat when his father said this? What did he do? What did his mother atrswer? Write this story. Put one word in each empty place. You will find all the correct words in the story on Page 4. Mr and Mrs Taylor had one child. He was a boy, he was seven years old, and his name was Pat. Now Mrs Taylor was expecting anottrcr child. Pat had seen babies in other peoplc's houses and had not likcd them very much, so he was not delightcd about the ncws that there was soon going to be one in his house too.

I supposc wc'll have to lind a larger house and movc to that,' said Mr Taylor finally. Pat had been playing outside, but he came into the roorn. Before Mr Taylor married, he lived in a very small flat, but when he m a r r i e d i, t w a s n o. T'hen he had to make. He also ordered more from a shop in a town, but he had to wait a month for its. Some peoplewait. What did the doctor say was thc businessman'smain trouble? What did he say would happenif he did not fbllow his advice?

You must find some hobbies. Why don't you leanr to paint pictures? You don't har. I haven't. What did the businessmanansu'er? I don't have any time lbr hobbies. I tr n Answer these questions: What did he advisehim to do? What dicl the businessmananswer? Make eight sentences out of this. Thc businessman startecl a hobby. The businessmandid not have any hobbies. Why did the businessmanso to his doctor? C Hobbies. B An important br-rsinessmanwent to sec his doctor because he could not sleep at nieht.

I The businessmanwapted t sleeplessat nieht.

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Have you got any hobbies? The doctor examined him carefully and then said 'Your to hirn. Pall tlIlg h. He told him that.

She wrapped it up in prerry paper and brought it to her mother on her birthday. The kettle did not need e lectricity. What did Mary and her husbanddownload her mothcr? What could the machinedo?

What happenedwhen Mary brought her mother the present? What did Mary tell her mother? What did she tell Mary on the tclephone? Put the correct sentences under the correct pictures: Mary's mother was nearly seventy. Mary showedher how to usethe machine. Outsidethe I headwords: Mary's mother switchedthe clectricityon. She liked drinking tea so Mary ordered an electric machine which made the tea and then woke you up in the morning.

In the morning. Then she took it to her mother. Nf ar. Mary's mother rang up and said. She did not like tea very much. Mary went to a shop and ordereda tea-rnakingmachine. Then her mother opened the package. He had been willing to take a chance becausehe wanted to help the man. One morning he was walking along the street when a stranger stopped him and said to him. He liked walking from the station to his oflice unless it was raini.

He walked because he was poor.. Go on with your story. Besin vour answerwith the '"vords. Mr Grey was the manaser of a small oflice in London.

I remember you. Begin 'our answerwith the 'The words.. He had helped the stranger somc 'cars belorc. Now he wanted to give Mr Grey'his money back. How did hc get from his hornc to his olllce? The stranger had been successfulsince then. What did Mr Grey answer?

He lived in the country. I stopped you in this street and asked you to lend me sornemoney. Put his loot. One day he had to fly to Edinburgh to give a lecture to a fbw top pcople there.

What work did he do? A did tl. Nlr Brown could havc got a scat. Why did ordinary peoplefind it diflicult to go by plarrcdurilre thc SecondWorld! The ofl-rccr put his sccrct papers. Not easy. Hc was a civilian. Not thesamc. Do this puzzle: Was he in thc army? Mr Brown worked lor the government during the war. It was not until he reached the city that the important olficer discovered that the man whose seat he had taken was the one whose lecture he had flown to the citv to hear.

His scat was eivcn to sornebody else because hc lvas latc 'l. He went behind the wall.

Introductory Steps to Understanding

A kit of'tht'other soldit'rs w. I hirnst'll. B Write these sentences. I lrirn. Onc day hc and his fricnds were practising their shooting. He did quite well in er. T'he ollit t'r was not plcascclwith hirn. Peterwas not good at shooting.

After he had shot at the tarset nine times and had not hit it oncc. Now Petcr is tn'ins to shtxtt t him. One of'Pctcr'snine bullt'ts hit the tars 't. OutsidetheI headworls. Choose the correct word in each: I Petcr is looking at an cr cnry.

Peterwas good at everything. Don't waste your last bullet too! Go behind that wall and shoot yourself with it! C NIr Richards worked in a small seasidetown. Mr Richardswas not at all happy about this. During the winter they were quite huppy there. His parentsand a lot of his other.

Georgeliked the sea so he lived in a houseat the. He borrowed money from his poor relatives. Finally one. A liiend of his told him how to stop vrsrtors. You will find all the words in the story on page How do you prevent allyur relatives coming to live u. George'schairswere very hard. After that. A 7 Which of these sentences are true T and which are false F? Mr and Mrs Richards did not have many relatives. June Mr Richards complained to an intelligent friend 'One o f ' m y w i f b ' s c o u s i n si n t e n d s ol'his who lived in the same place.

I just borrow money rhe lriend answered. Mr and Mrs Richardsoften wcnt to stay with thcir relativesin the sumrncr 3. Mrs Richards'scousindecidedto visit them. What was their houselike? Why were they happier in wintcr than in summer? Why did their relativeswant to visit them? Who did Mr Richardsask fbr advicethen?

What did he say to him? And what did his friend answer? Why did the friend'srelativesnot want to visit him again? She o. Shc liked curtains whost: She liked curtains whosc colour was very diflbrcnt lionr the walls.

Hcr comb and the walls wcrc the sar-nccolour'. Make sentences to say where to put things in the house. Qa IKHN. Why dicl Nfrs Scott not want tri havc the walls of-her ncw house oaintcd? Shc kcpt the curtains which the lasrowner had had. The walls of'thc rooms had been pairtted a short timc belbrc.

Vhv clicl shc have to download rtcw curtains? C cloth?

How clid the shopkccpcr ft't'l af tcr some time? What clid he s: Whv couldn't N'lrs Scott lirllow his advicc?

What did he say to Mary when he stoppedher? Mary always drove. Helen and Mary were sisters. After he had ordered them to stop. Both of them were about seventyfive years old. She did not stop. They had a small. A policemantried to stop her one day. Had her mother really meant that she should not stop when a oolicemanblew his whistle? C Helen lived with her sister Mury. They were quite young. Mother 7. They were both married.

One weekend they drove to a large town to look at some things which they had read about in the newspaper. And what did Mary answer? Neither of-them had been to that town before. There was a policeman there. What did the policemando then? Saturdayor Sunday 9. Mary drove their car. Where did Mary and Helen drive one day? What did they do in the town? What did the policeman do? And what did Mary do? They were driving along in a lot of traffic when they turned right into a street which cars were not allowed to go into.

It was the first time that he had taken him to his usual bar. And how do you know when you've had enough? Then Mr Thompson pointed to the light at the end of the bar.

Mr Thompsontook him to his usualbar for the first time. Tom only sawtwo. A What did they do there? And what did Tom answer? Mr Thompson usedto go to a bar alone. I said to his son.

They drank beer. Mr Thompson usedto go to a bar nearhis housequite often. But Tom could seeonly one. Why did Mr Thompson not take Tom to his usual bar for a long time?

I'll tell you. They drank for halfan hour. Do you seethosetwo lights at the end of the bar? When they seem to have becomefour. WhenTom wasundereighteen. Then when Tom had his eighteenthbirthday. L Who can drink in public bars in England? You must always be carefulnot to drink too much. Mr'I'hompson thought he saw four lights. There was one light at the end of the bar n n n "ou. How did Tom know this?

C Put the correct sentences under the correct pictures: In England nobody under the ageof eighteenis allowedto drink in a public bar. He thought he could seetwo lights. Tom or his father? Hc hurried fiom one thine to another. Mrs Dirvis got tircd. He bchavecllike a snrzLll chilcl 5. Let's all go. Where did Nfrs Davis suggestthat thcy should takc them? IT Answer these questions: Mrs l ar''isis rvalking J a path. Choose the correct sentence for each picture: Outside the I headwords: So Mr and Mrs Da'.

Nll I ui'isis starrding tr his firur chiltlrcn. Outsidethe I headtuords. Big town. What dicl the telephoncoperatorask him? What did he answer? What happencdthen? In our country. Joncs said patiently. It docsn't mattcr who I speakto.

Joneswantcd to make art. L N'lr.

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Big shopskcep tlicir things in largc. And what did thc operatorsay? He hcard. Jonesa lot. Air-conditioning in his housc would not bring him more money. Answer n T D T n T these questions: How did he earn his moncy'? Why did he not get so much money in the summer? Where did he decidc to put air-conditioning?

and osro.ialc\ itl

Why dicl he decide thisJ What did the owner of-theair-conditioningcompanvhope to do? Mr Hodgc only. The words are: Write these sentences. So hc dec'ided t' put airconditioning into his chicken-house so that the hens would lav well all through the year and hc could q. Not manv eggs.

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Mr Hodge. Air-conditioning lbr the house too. Choose the correct word or words to put in. He had hundreds of'chicke. I3 Which of these sentences are true T and which are false F? Outside theI headwords: Nf r Hodge. But Mr Hodge was nor interestcd. N'lr Hodgt: More money. Mr Hodge's eggs and meat. It was. He did not mind arguing with stupid people at all: At the end of one argument which George had with one of these less clever people.

Gcorgewas sometimesamusedby stupid people. Stupid pcoplebclievedthat they were alwaysrieht. What did he work lbr? What was his hobby?

Why did he not mind arguing with stupid people? How did stupid peopleargue? What did Georgethink of this answer? Find words in the story which mean about the same as: George Banks was a clever journalist. Sometimes the people whom he areued with were as clever as he was. He argued with anybody.

I4 Which of these sentences are true T and which are false F? He worked fbr a good newspaper. Georgesoon fbrgot what this man had said. T'he stupid nran thotrghtthat both he and eorgervere wrong. He askedhis wife to excusethe priest'sbad writing ar. T5 Which of these sentences are true T and which are false F? Afier a fbw minutes Pat stoppcd. After a week. Pat wanted to write a letter to her. Why did Pat come to England? How did he manageto savemoney? Why did his wife have to go to Ireland?

What did Pat want to do a weeklater? Why didn't he write the letter? Who wrote it fbr him? What did the priest say aftcr Pat had finished? And what did Pat answer? Draw lines from the words on the left to the correct words on the right.

His mother-in-lawcame to Errglandtoo. Pat wrote a letter to his wile after a week. He did not spendall his money. C Pat came over fiorn Ireland to Flneland with his wilc one year to find w o r k. Pat went to seehis mother-in-lawbecauseshewas ill 5. Pat brought his wifb to Finglandwith him. Pat told the priest what hc wanred ro say. Mark has had his shocs cleancd. Mark has cleanedhis shoes. His friend Georgeadvisedhim to chooscthe barber whosehair lookedthe worst. Now I'll tell you what to do next time you eo into a barber's shop: Mark has had his shoes cleaned.

And what did Georgesay? Which barber would have the besthaircut? Choose the right sentences for each picture: Mark is cleaninghis shoes. What did Georgesay then? Mark is having his shoes cleaned. Mark is clcaning his shoes. What did Georgesuggestthen? And what did Mark answer? The barber whose hair is cut the worst cannot be the worst barber.

Mark is having his shoes cleaned.. Barberscut each other's hair. Mark is clcaninghis shocs. I think you're right. What did his friend Georgedo when he saw him?

A n o t h e r o f t h e barbers cut it-and he must have been a worse barber than the one whose hair he cut. What was Mark's answer? It was better than the one he usedto go to belbre.

He had not beento that barber'sshop before. He did not find the card he wanted. He found the card he wanted in the last shophe went to. Peterwas in a card shop when his mother'sweddingparty started. Then therewas a party at her house. She had a son a year later. When shewas forty-five.

Mrs Harris was not a widow for very long. Outsidethe 1 headwords: She married him in the villagechurch. She met a nice man who was a few years.

Why did Mrs Harris marry when she was forty-seven? Who was Peter? How old was he then? What kind of wedding did Mrs Harris have? What happened after the wedding? Why was Peterlate? What had he been looking for? Whv hadn't he beenable to find it? Mrs Harris's husband died when she was forty-five years old. Mrs Harris had a nice. Her son.

Introductory Steps to Understanding

He had been looking in the shops for a card for his mother's wedding. Intermediate Steps To Understanding. Intermediate Steps to Understanding. Although many models have been developed to guide the design and implementation of DNA tile-based self-assembly systems with increasing complexity, the fundamental assumptions of the models have not been thoroughly tested. With more sticky ends, tile attachment becomes more thermostable with an approximately linear decrease in the free energy change more negative.

The energy penalty of loops of 4, 6, and 8 tiles was analyzed with the independent loop model assuming no interloop tension, which is generalizable to arbitrary tile configurations. More sticky ends also contribute to a faster on-rate under isothermal conditions when nucleation is the rate-limiting step. Incorrect sticky end contributes to neither the thermostability nor the kinetics.

The thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of DNA tile attachment elucidated here will contribute to the future improvement and optimization of tile assembly modeling, precise control of experimental conditions, and structural design for error-free self-assembly.

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Dick had met his parentsin Germanv. And what did Pat answer? What happensto lussasenow? Mr and Mrs Richardsoften wcnt to stay with thcir relativesin the sumrncr 3.

They were quite young. Gcorgewas sometimesamusedby stupid people. If you find our site useful, please chip in today. After he had shot at the tarset nine times and had not hit it oncc.