THE IUCN RED LIST OF THREATENED SPECIES™. Sea Otters. The Sea Otter ( Enhydra lutris) is the smallest marine mammal, and quite arguably the cutest. Sea Otter. Enhydra lutris. Citation. Doroff, A. & Burdin, A. Enhydra lutris. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species tingrakecoupde.ml Sea otters are a keystone species, meaning their role in their the Marine Mammal Protection and Endangered Species Acts in the s.

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summarizes the categories and types of TOEFL iBT Reading questions. TOEFL Reading sea otters are unlike early mammals whose appearances are not easy to imag- ine. .. being hurt, so the correct answer is choice 2, “endangered.” 2. Sorber Endangered Species Sea otters are endangered because hunters hunt for .. Sea Otter Pup filetype:epub, Download Sea epub, Download Sea epub. introduction to java programming 9th edition interview questions filetype pdf, grammar nazi, Garden movie torrent Jackson. lluvia acida causas y efectos Etat de Louisiane File . sea otters endangered species list Montgomery, Stockton.

A remnant population survived off Vancouver Island into the 20th century, but it died out despite the international protection treaty, with the last sea otter taken near Kyuquot in From to , 89 sea otters were flown or shipped from Alaska to the west coast of Vancouver Island. This population increased to over 5, in with an estimated annual growth rate of 7. It is not known if this colony, which numbered about animals in , was founded by transplanted otters or was a remnant population that had gone undetected.

The translocated population is estimated to have declined to between 10 and 43 individuals before increasing, reaching individuals in As of , the population was estimated at over 2, individuals, and their range extends from Point Grenville in the south to Cape Flattery in the north and east to Pillar Point along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. They can swim as close as six feet off shore along the Olympic coast. Reported sightings of sea otters in the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound almost always turn out to be North American river otters , which are commonly seen along the seashore.

However, biologists have confirmed isolated sightings of sea otters in these areas since the mids. In and , a total of 95 sea otters were transplanted from Amchitka Island, Alaska to the Southern Oregon coast. However, this translocation effort failed and otters soon again disappeared from the state. This male is thought to have originated from a colony in Washington, but disappeared after a coastal storm. It could have traveled to the state from either California or Washington.

The 50 that survived in California, which were rediscovered in , have since reproduced to almost 3, The historic population of California sea otters was estimated at 16, before the fur trade decimated the population, leading to their assumed extinction. Today's population of California sea otters are the descendants of a single colony of about 50 sea otters located near Bixby Creek Bridge in March by Howard G.

Cooper , a sea captain from Boston, by Mexican Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado along with a license to hunt sea otters, reportedly then prevalent at the mouth of Corte Madera Creek.

To the surprise of biologists, the majority of the San Nicolas sea otters swam back to the mainland. These are the first documented sightings of otters this far south in 30 years. To manage the competition between sea otters and fisheries, it declared an "otter-free zone" stretching from Point Conception to the Mexican border. In this zone, only San Nicolas Island was designated as sea otter habitat, and sea otters found elsewhere in the area were supposed to be captured and relocated.

These plans were abandoned after many translocated otters died and also as it proved impractical to capture the hundreds of otters which ignored regulations and swam into the zone. Cyanobacteria are found in stagnant freshwater enriched with nitrogen and phosphorus from septic tank and agricultural fertilizer runoff, and may be flushed into the ocean when streamflows are high in the rainy season.

There was some contraction from the northern now Pigeon Point and southern limits of the sea otter's range during the end of this period, circumstantially related to an increase in lethal shark bites, raising concerns that the population had reached a plateau. The southernmost limit was Punta Morro Hermoso about In a survey, small numbers of sea otters, including pups, were reported by local fishermen, but scientists could not confirm these accounts.

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Species Status

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What the Commission Is Doing

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Southern Sea Otter

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That's quite enough of that! Fish and Wildlife Service FWS listed the southern sea otter population as threatened under the Endangered Species Act ESA in and adopted a recovery plan for the population , which was updated in The recovery plan specifies that the species should be considered for delisting when the average population level over a three-year period exceeds 3, animals. The FWS estimated southern sea otter abundance in at 3, individuals, a record high since The count declined somewhat, to 3, otters, but still exceeded the potential delisting threshold for a second straight year.

The three percent decline reflects lower numbers of otters observed along the mainland California coast, offset somewhat by continued growth of the translocated population at San Nicolas Island. The lower mainland count in could be due to poorer sighting conditions, but also might be attributable to increased mortality from shark bites and other causes such as harmful algal blooms and disease.

One of the primary threats to the southern sea otter is the risk of an oil spill.

The population never grew as expected and in , the FWS declared the translocation a failure.No thankyou, said the glowing ectoplasmic gnome. The Commission also consults periodically with the FWS and marine mammal facilities to resolve questions about the placement of non-releasable otters from this population.

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