RESTful Web API Design with Copyright © . Did you know that Packt offers eBook versions of every book published, with PDF. My Favorite Books. Contribute to thinkphp/nodejs-books development by creating an account on GitHub. This third edition of RESTful Web API Design with 10 will teach you to create scalable and rich RESTful applications based on the.

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RESTful Web API Design with – Second Edition: Design and implement efficient RESTful solutions with this practical hands-on guide. Design and implement scalable and maintainable RESTful solutions with Design and implement efficient RESTful solutions with this practical hands-on guide.

Next, test the API. Run the command below in the root path of the project: node. Check out your API explorer. Here, you can see the structure of the Species resource. Right now, there is no data so it returns an empty array. In the diagram above, I highlighted three steps: Click on the text-area box that contains the parameter type.

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Once clicked, it immediately appears in box 2. Edit the JSON in the box. Be careful, our API is not connected to any data source yet.

Next, let's connect our API to a data source. Luckily for us, loopback supports a lot of data sources.

Head over to your terminal and run the following command: lb datasource It will prompt you for a name. Enter mysqlDs. Yes, we'll make use of MySQL. So, make sure you have MySQL database installed on your machine.

Bojinov V. RESTful Web API Design with Node.js

Go ahead and supply the host, port, user and password values for the connection string. And enter Yes to install the loopback-connector-mysql tool. Feel free to edit the file anytime. Let's go with the second option. It's more effective.

And we need test data. We'll write an automigration script to programmatically create the tables. Whenever your app is initialized, the script will run and ensure the tables exist and are seeded with the right data. Head over to your console and start your app again: node.

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Table of Contents Chapter 1: Chapter 2: If you decided on JWT as your authentication token, there are a few libraries that can help you. Even though you can use the jsonwebtoken library to decode and verify the JWT you receive also, there is another library that makes it more easily integrated with the HTTP server and router. This ensures your token is already checked, and base64 decoded for your business logic to consume.

The base64 decoded fields are populated in req. Note, please audit your code before putting any code into production use. These examples are very simple and require much more work before they can be locked down and production ready.

Opaque Tokens If you chose to use opaque token strategy, the information for authorization i. So here you need two pieces of technology. A middleware to handle the logic, and a O 1 hash based database for lookup permission and other data.

The O 1 is very important, as you want to invoke it for every API call. As for the middleware to use, the most popular one is passport.

The authorization strategy here would be to use passport. Rate limiting Rate limiting is important to prevent DDoS attacks or ambitious free tier users. There are also middleware that takes care of this for you, such as express-rate-limit Reverse Proxy Many APIs we create will be placed behind a reverse proxy.Find Ebooks and Videos by Technology Android.

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Choosing the Libraries and Frameworks for REST APIs in the NodeJS Stack

A middleware to handle the logic, and a O 1 hash based database for lookup permission and other data. Enter mysqlDs. Yes Property name: class, Property type: string, Required?

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